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Brett Kissel Live at the Drive-In

The Spirit of Alberta 
Live Country Music:
 Brett Kissel 
Live at the Drive-In












Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do

In Support of Alberta Food Banks

Priority #1

The health and safety of every single guest, performer, and staff member. This performance is held in accordance to and with the approval of both Health Canada & Alberta Health Services health and safety protocol...Priority #1-A: Having one hell of a good time together, while apart!

As Much Fun as You Can Have in Your Car, in Two Hours or Less:

Each performance will be 60 Minutes - Make yourself comfortable, as exiting your vehicle for any reason is strictly prohibited.

Illness of Any Kind ... Nope

We kindly ask that if you or anyone in your vehicle has health symptoms of any kind (ex: fever, sniffles, cough, etc.) that you stay home ... we're used to it by now ... we're all in this together, so let's do our best to ensure that we all stay healthy.

Soooo, it is Indeed True ... Size Matters: 

We're doing our best to ensure everyone has the best site-lines possible, but it is going to be a little different. Motor-homes, RV's, and Passenger vans are not permitted. Nice truck .... it really is, but we're going to be parking over-sized vehicles towards the back of the concert bowl and in designated parking areas.

Nature Calls, but Make Sure You Chat Before Entering the Premises

Due to a two-hour total time-limit, washrooms are not available for use ... just like in school, we all have to hold it until the final bell!


We Love it Too, but Not for This Show: Tailgating is not permitted - all guests are required to stay inside their vehicles at all times ... exiting your vehicle in any form is a hard 'No.'

That Fresh Alberta Air ... Kind-Of

Again, you cannot exit your vehicle ... but you can roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and let the wind blow through your hair ... that's cool with us ... but as the song goes ... keep your hands to yourself!

Let's Keep Care of That Environment, Okay?

Idling of vehicles is not permitted ... have a pre-show chat with Mother Nature ... dress to impress and to stay comfortable ... and ... to let your toes-tap freely.

Fuel Up Before the Show

In accordance with all health guidelines and due to the two-hour time limit per show ... food and beverage will not be available for purchase...neither will gasoline or diesel ... just sayin'

It's a Family Show

Smoking (yes, of any kind ... we know it's legal now, but not today) and consumption of any adult beverages is prohibited.

It's Going to Work Kinda Like the Airport Run-Way

Dedicated parking stalls will be clearly marked, and you will be guided to your 'seat' by Parking Attendants upon arrival - Please comply with Parking Attendants direction upon entry and exit.

In One Way, and Out the Other

Entry Access will be clearly marked. Note, our guests will be placed in their dedicated stall upon arrival, front to back. Exit will occur as directed by the Event Emcee and as displayed on the venue screens at the direction of Parking attendants front-to back via the clearly-marked exit gates ... Ducklings, youngsters, and much of the world hangs in there single-file ... we've got to do it too!

Emergency Medical & Police Personnel will Be On-Site

Please note information on venue screens for information on how to report any medical emergency.

Need a Boost?

Should your car just decide not to start again ... well ... it probably means your battery is dead? Boosting service information will be posted on the venue-screens.

If Ya Go ... Ya Gone

Re-entry is not permitted if you decide to leave for any reason ... you won't though ... this show is gon' be AWESOME!

This is the part where we put our boots down...as required by Health Canada & Alberta Health Services, failure to act as outlined above will result in immediate removal from the concert by Event Security Personnel, and re-entry will not be permitted. Be Good Y'all - - The show is sure going to be...and we're glad we're able to have you ... let's have ourselves a time!

Community Action Fund

See what our Safeway store teams are doing in your community.

Visit Sobey's Community ActionFund

Tickets Available Monday at 10:00am - Stay Tuned

With such an amazing response, 
Stingray Country Radio stations will be broadcasting the show LIVE across Canada, presented by Safeway & Sobeys


Edmonton – 840 CFCW (12:00pm & 7:00pm Shows) 
Blairmore – Real Country 92.7 
Brooks – Real Country Southwest 
Camrose – New Country 98.1 
Drumheller – Real Country 910 
Edson – Real Country West 
High Prairie – Real Country 93.5 
Lloydminster – Real Country 95.9 
Red Deer – Real Country 95.5 
St. Paul – Real Country 97.9 
Stettler – Real Country 93.3 
Westlock – Real Country 97.7

British Columbia

Kamloops – New Country 103.1
Kelowna – New Country 100.7

New Brunswick

Fredericton – New Country 92.3
Moncton – New Country 96.9

Newfoundland – (Show airs at 6:00pm)

Carbonear Kixx Country
Claronville Kixx Country 
St. John’s Kixx Country

Nova Scotia

Sydney – New Country 103.5

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